Colored-Strata, 2016Seashore at noon, 2016Being Free IV, 2015 Colored Strata II, 2016Blue Moon, 2015  Dancing Blues, 2015Le reve, 2015Shifting-tides, 2016First Tulips, 2015 Tender Day, 2015Colored Strata, 2014Being Free, 2014Come In, 2013 Fall Day I, 2012Fall Day II, 2012Winter Day, 2012Fall abstraction I, 2012Fall abstraction, 2012Four Seasons, 2011Summer Time, 2009Spring, 2011Spring I, 2012Four Windows, 2010Intensity, 2012Summer City, 2013Summer Dream, 2013 Untitled 1-CUT, 2013Untitled 2-CUT, 2013Colors Symphony, 2009Circle of Life, 2008 Fall Lovers, 2008 Lovers, 2008 Fall Sentation, 2008 Eight Blue Dots Blue Winter, 2008Inside You XVII, 2007 Inside You XII, 2007 Inside You VI, 2007 Inside You XVIII, 2007 Inside You XIX, 2007 Inside You X, 2007 Two Flowers, 2007  Untitled, 2007Warm Colors %26 the River, 2007Orange Fall, 2007Orange Fall II, 2007Blue and Green Windows, 2007Impressions of Orange, 2006Blue WIndow, 2006Green Print, 2006Blue River, 2006Green Summer, 2006Turquoise, 2006Light, 2006Falling Squares, 2005Which Way, 2005Coral Reef, 2005Japanese Touch, 2005Untitled, 2005Untitled, 2004Untitled, 2004Manhattan Summer, 2005